Online Diagnosis and Lead Generation
for the Audiology Industry.

By finding, engaging and directing clients to your clinic, ctone promotes Hearing Health

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Welcome to ctone

Our revolutionary lead generation system can be seemlessly added to any website in a matter of minutes

What does it achieve?

It attracts people to your website and allows them to test their hearing online giving a very good indicative diagnosis and push them to your practice. This will generate more leads for your business.

How does it push them to my practice?

It presents them with a map of their locality highlighting a local practice who is using the system which they can then select and make an appointment directly with that practice. The system can be integrated into the practice’s back office appointment system.

Why is the test so good?

Its origins are from our original digital audiometer which meets EU Medical Devices Directive and complies with IEC and ANSI audiometric standards.

Is it easy to implement?

It's a widget that can be copy and pasted into your website, in a position of your choosing, in a matter of minutes.

What if I don't have a website?

ctone has an independently managed central website which will attract clients and being location based it can direct those leads to their local practice, which as a ctone customer could be your practice. All our lead generation widgets can be added to any website in a matter of minutes and direct all leads back to your practice.

Will it help to attract more people to my website?

Yes. As the community of users increases, search engines will be optimised which means that those websites will continually gain more prominence.

Plug and play deployment in minutes with no hastle

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Ctone Limited is an Irish software company specialising in developing leading edge software products, specifically for audiology practices and hearing aid manufacturers. Ctone has been supporting better hearing healthcare for the past decade.

Our vision is to use technology tools to develop solutions for the industry that will significantly decrease the cost of sale, increase the traffic to audiologists and reduce the unreasonable timeframe it takes for clients with hearing problems to best manage their hearing health.

One such product a “lead generation system” which boosts the sales of hearing aids has recently been launched. While new to the market, it is the result of years of research to create a system specifically designed to solve the problem of locating and attracting new Audiology clients.

At the core of this product is an Online Hearing Test system providing diagnosis of hearing issues, referrals to Audiologists for further evaluation and real-time appointment booking. The product benifits Audiologists directly from their website with the option to include their local GP practice, Pharmacies or Opticians to help the sale of hearing aids. It is a contemporary sales lead generation system, quite unique in this industry.



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" ctone is the best online hearing test we've seen and we will continue to recommend it to our customers because it is very useful for the patient and also a proven lead generator for the clinic."

Steve Claridge /

"Our customers have seen real results from using ctone, in fact one customer told us that they had a patient travel over 50 miles to their clinic because they'd used their online test, read the follow up materials that came from the test results and were so impressed they were not going anywhere else!"

Steve Claridge /

"We have integrated ctone's hearing test on a number of our customer's websites. The implementation of the hearing test was incredibly easy and could be done by someone with no technical knowledge, ctone have supplied everything so that it is a two-minute job to have the test up and running."

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